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Need advice. I read to remove eggs from turner and lay on side with fat end slightly elevated. How do u slightly elevate an egg? I know that sounds stupid but it's a good question. I'm 6 days away from 21 days and just trying to prepare for my next step. Any help is greatly appreciated
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Ok one way is to have one end touching the sides of the incubator
also some egg's will just naturally sit correctly do to the way the chick
is situated inside the egg ....

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I never remove eggs from the incubator and just let them hatch in the bator instead of using a hatcher. I just remove the turners or cover them up and lay down some non skid material like that rubber shelf liner over the bator surface. This will keep the babies legs from going splay. But you can use a hatcher if you wish. You can just lay the eggs on their sides. They don't have to lean up like they did during incubation. They will hatch just fine. Make sure at lock down, you up your humidity to about 65% or 70%. You open all vents WIDE open. If you have to, add damp sponges to get the humidity up.Don't open the lid if any babies are pipping. (poked a hole thru the shell). And don't panic when they sit there for 24+ hours after pipping and not doing anything. They are busy absorbing the last of the yolk and detaching from the shell. So don't be tempted to go in and dig the baby out. It will zip out when ready.

Good luck and keep us posted!
Thank you for the advise. I would just hate for something to happen at this point and time lol. I've done good so far. I'm crossing my finger for success and will keep you all posted.
Ok I started incubating on April 1st, so I count 21 days from the 1st or the 2nd? I'm at about day 16. One of the eggs in the turner is moving YEAH! Don't see any of the others doing this yet. Does that mean anything like its gonna hatch early?
Open all your vents wide open for maximum oxygen. Up your humidity to 65% or 70%. Lay down some non skid material like that rubber shelf liner with the tiny holes in it and place the eggs on top so the chicks have good grip to prevent spraddle leg when they hatch. Do not open the lid if anyone is pipping. (poking thru the shell) And don't panic when they pip and sit there for 24+ hours. They are busy absorbing the last of the yolk and detaching themselves from the inside of the egg. So let them pip and sit there as long as needed. Don't be tempted to dig the baby out!

If you have trouble upping the humidity, you can add damp sponges. Other than this, sit back and nervously wait. LOL

Good luck with the hatch and keep us posted!!!
Thank you. I shall pull turner out and lay them on rubber shelf lining tomorrow. Hope I am successful. I watched one moving last night that was really neat. Crossing my fingers and will wait line a nervous grandparent lol

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