First time having muscovy ducks. How long will their eggs last befor the mom goes broody


May 9, 2015
I've been having about 1 or 2 eggs a day in the same nest and I've got 6 now, I think their not all from the same mother. How long will they last in 65-80 degree temp? Will one of the mothers go broody soon? I have 3 drakes and 7 hens. What is a good ratio of drake to hen for muscovys? Should I put gust let the eggs sit their or do something to help them?
I'd leave the eggs alone if you want one of your duck to go broody, they have to build their clutch and that can be anywhere from 5-20 eggs, so what i would do is next time your out there take along a marker and mark each egg you can start with #1 - then when she finally gets happy with the amount of eggs she wants to brood, if it's more eggs than your willing to have as ducklings take out the oldest eggs and toss them and let her sit on the ones you have left. Make sure she has set at least 24 hrs straight before doing this and it will also let you know to take out any fresh laid eggs once she does begin to brood because the fresh ones won't be marked. You don't want her to incubate latter laid eggs then get up and leave them when her first batch of ducklings hatch.

Before I rehomed[and it was a very hard decision to make] 2 of my drakes I had 2 ducks for 1 drake now I have 2 drakes and 7 ducks much calmer and they girls are enjoying the less hassle too.

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