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Hi everyone,
Im a new member here to BYC but have used the link to answer many ququestions as I'm a first me chicken keeper. I've become addicted to the little bundles of egg laying fluff, I started with 4 and now have 8 adults, 13 babies bought at 2 weeks old which are now 14 weeks old containing 4 boys currently developing their crows, plus I traded my reptile incubator for a brinsea octagon with cradle.
I put 24 eggs in 21 days ago and candles them at 18 days. I've removed 6 infertile eggs leaving me now with 18 eggs. At 4 am there was nothing happening but by 7am one has pipped. I keep seeing movement inside the egg and occasionally a little beak pops through but no zipping as of yet.

How long before I move the chick to a broader? My house temp is 26 degree so how hot do I need to make the heated area for my new additions?

Look forward to your input. ( I'll upload photo's as the chicks emerge if people like)

Thanks nikkita
Welcome to BYC
Some chicks can take a long time to progress from external pip to zipping. I had one take about 19 hours last time I hatched. You can transfer them to the brooder as soon as they are dry and fluffed up. (Nice thing with that Brinsea is you don't lose too much humidity if you open and close it quickly! I've the same one). The brooder temperature needs to be between 32*C and 35*C in the warmest part, but make sure there is a cooler bit where the chicks can hang out if they feel too warm. Good luck with the hatch and looking forward to the pics!
thank you, its completely different to when i incubated and watched my bearded dragons hatch. its now 18.00 (11 hours after initial pip) and i can hear the little mite chirping away from inside the egg. still there is only one hole just a little bigger now but there has been no shell change since 1400. its still not zipped but is certainly talking baby chirps so i can see my african grey learning the hen call by the time these bundles of fluff are ready to go outside.
this little guy / girl is a strong character anyway as its the only one from 6 to develop. its supposed to be a buff light sussex but will have to see when it decides to emerge.
its keeping its human mummy waiting ......
Oh wow I can't wait that long I have 10 eggs in the incubator 5 are out day 21 and all the rest have had their external pip so I am pretty happy GOOD LUCK TO U lets hope that u get all babies and all hatch well
well its 3am and ive just been woken by my 9 week old son (Biff) so i thought id come downstairs to check the progress of my other fluffy kids ( eggs). this little guy is still chirping away the hole is now about half cm long but still narrow. i can see its claw, and chest breathing up and down and i saw a beak pop out by a couple of ml and go back in.
there seems to be a spot of blood on top most upper part of the membrane though. should i be concerned, the fluff ball initally pipped at 7am yesterday so nearly 24 hrs ago.
im still hands off but observing through main lid. (brinsea octagon eco 20)
thanks peeps
hi everyone,
a quick update for you..... at 8.20 am pip was born after a long hatch for the poor little fluff ball, in the mean time a rhode island red hatched between half 3 and 7am, the photos are posted on my profile. my avatar is of pip the moment he\she got out of the shell and took short rest over the yet to emerge siblings.

Just now ... well 40 minutes ago another rhode island red popped out and is currently drying off in the incubator chirping away. i can see other eggs rocking inside so hopefully wont be to long before the latest mite gets company in the incubator for few hours to dry off together

so far 3 are out 14 to go!

Check out YouTube for the videos of our chicks,
Type my name in and subscribe to get updates on YouTube on the chicks development.

Had another 2 RIR hatch this morning, plus received 6 frizzle bantum eggs to go in soon as these ones all hatch ..... They need to all be put in max 4 days as otherwise these bantum eggs will be no good.

Or would you suggest putting one column in and starting to incubate now? :rolleyes:

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