First time incubating


Mar 21, 2020
I have been lurking here a while since saying hello and enjoying the forums, but recently I decided to have a go at incubating. I used a Nurture Right 360 and i am pretty pleased with the results considering my house is terrible because it has no temperature control.

I chose 12 eggs, all fresh from my own chickens. I dry incubated until day 18, air sacks looked good, then locked it down with 70 to 75% humidity and waited. Day 21 right on cue hatching began. 8 hatched, but i had to euthanize one as he was not properly developed and would never have survived, and another one from the same hen a Black Maran, has a slightly prolapsed vent we will have to see how he goes.

Four failed to hatch, one was infertile, 2 died in very early development, and one which was fully developed but just didn't make it to hatch. Besides the little guy I had to euthanize which was pretty sad it was a very positive experience.

The thing I noticed was all the baby chickens are so different in temperament to those i have purchased in the past. They are so calm let me cuddle and handle them, they do not dart away to evade being held. They come out from the brooder to be paid attention to. This is a reason to hatch all on its own, I cant imagine how roughly they must get treated at Tractor supply and such that they take a lot longer to regain trust.

I am now addicted, going to get some Lavender Orpington hatching eggs when i can, oh and build some new coops too.

Happy hatching everyone!


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Congratulations on the new babies! I'm so glad you enjoyed the experience, it's addictive so be careful about chicken math.

I agree hatching at home results in much more relaxed chicks.

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