First Time Incubator/Hatcher!!


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Nov 15, 2012
Buchanan, TN
We are currently on day 19 of our very first incubation and hatching of 4 eggs. We have two Little Giant incubators, one with a turner, and one we have dedicated to a hatcher.

We ate dinner, looked at the eggs, checked temp and humidity. An hour later I walked by and glanced in and we have one new little member!!! Totally surprised to see it hatched already as we were not expecting it until Saturday!! Now we have to do a wild rush to get the brooder ready!!!

We believe that it is a female black sex link as our rooster is a new hampshire red and the egg we believe came from our barred rock. All four eggs looked viable going into lockdown so we are hopeful for the outcome... wish us luck!

Two more have made a small hole in the shell last night.... about 6 hours ago... and we are still waiting for more progress. They are still moving and sticking their beaks out every so often, so we at least know they are still alive. Still waiting for any sign of life from the 4th egg, although they were not due to hatch until tomorrow!!!

Spoke toooooo soon. One more just hatched!! So far 50% hatch rate...
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