First time out!


8 Years
Apr 25, 2011
It was a nice warm day so it seemed like the right time to open the kennel door and let my six week old chickens have their first taste of the great outdoors. They reminded me of a bunch of pre-schoolers playing soccer for the first time, they stayed very close together and moved as one. As they stood on the brick patio they all lined up at the edge of the grass waiting to see who would be the first to venture into the lawn, one small step for chickens, one giant step for chickenkind. Finally Penny took the plunge and everyone followed, pecking and scratching in the lawn came to them like they had been doing it for years. If I had to guess I would have to say they were on cloud nine. The kodak moment had to have been when Olive (our 14 month old cat who for the last six weeks hasn"t been able to keep her paws out of the kennel) walked up to some of the chickens and began to rub her face on them. Should be putting the final touches on the coup this weekend (weather permitting).
Who would have ever thought chickens could be theraputic!
they are therapeutic!

Never thought I would enjoy silly chickens so much! Right now I am enjoying a mother hen and her 7 chicks. very soothing to watch.

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