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Nov 18, 2007
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I took my week and a half chicks outside today for their first time. I took the brooder out and it fits perfectly with the tractor. They didn't want to go out of the brooder. Finally One went out but went right back in and it was awhile before any did it again. They did it several times. I have a tray in the brooder with pine shavings in it that they love to lay in. I took it out of the brooder and put it in the tractor. They looked lost, like "where did our tray go?". It was so comical. Finally one discovered where the tray went and went right for it into the tractor, then another, then another and so on. Finally they were all out in the tractor in their tray. FUNNY!!! They did venture out of the tray and do some exploring. They scratched around and even tried to dust bathe. They were so cute!!!, but they love that tray. Maybe that is why I never had any problems with the big girls laying outside of their nest boxes. The do each have their own personalities. The new chicks are susposed to be all pullets. I wish I had taken some pictures.

Here is a picture of them when they were 3 days old.



May 8, 2008
They ARE all so adorable! I should NOT come here because I am always so temped to get more myself & heaven knows I only *think* I'm just getting my new pullets & my older one intergrated.... I've been waiting & waiting for when the group would all "just be settled" & while we're close we're not even there yet & yet here I am seeing "chicks" & thinking "hmmm they are so cute, maybe I could find a spot in the garage...." LOL

Anyway they are just adorable! What kind are they? They look to be a dark golden & a VERY pretty color.....

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