first time trying to hatch eggs and i have a question?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by tinabrat1, Nov 2, 2009.

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    ok first I thought my silkie hen was broody so i ordered some eggs shipped to put under her, then she wouldnt sit after i put them under her so my husband ran out and got a bater, its the most basic one, im turing 3x/day temp. and humidity seem pretty steady. its day 4 today and i candeled the eggs(first time doing that was when they first arrived)so on day 1 the eggs looked almost the same as store bought eggs but today, they all have blood vessels surrounding a small spot in the middle! im so excited but i would like to know if people can tell me how many succesful chicks you have hatched compared to how many looked good at day 4 candeling?
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    Let me start by saying my experience is limited to 1 hatch.

    I started with 12 eggs. I couldn't really candle at Day 4 because I was hatching mostly Welsummers and the shells are dark and hard to see into. 5 eggs were early quitters. 7 eggs made it to lockdown on Day 18. 5 eggs hatched. The other 2 died without pipping, but they were full term chicks.

    Hope that helps.

    ETA: My eggs were shipped.
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    About 1 in every 15 growing eggs will fail to hatch no matter how good you are. That being said for a first timer you should be happy with yourself if you hatch 25%. And even pros see anything over 50% with shipped eggs a good hatch but sound like your doing pretty good so far.

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