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  1. Does anyone have any information about raising peafowl or is there a book about raising peafowl?

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    There are a number of good books now in print,,, one of them is done by the UPA and you can order it from the United Peafowl Assoc., Has a lot of info for the starter and other people. Just go to the web site and you can order it.. If you need more help , let me know and I will check on it for you. There is going to be another one in the not to distant future that is going to be a good one.. George
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    Oooh a new book!? Sounds good!

    When I got started in peafowl I liked to visit a lot of places with peafowl like peafowl breeders, zoos, ect. You can talk to them about their peafowl and observe them to see how they behave. Mainly I used the internet to educate myself on peafowl by finding peafowl websites and looking at all the information on the websites and I still look at different websites to learn new things like just yesterday I learned something new. I mainly read and then re-read things to memorize them, but mainly because I am so interested in peafowl I retain everything I read about them better than how I retain things I learn in school.[​IMG]

    I can give you a few website links for information if you just want to read up on some things, first I think I will start with Conner Hill's website since he just helped you, he has a good website for info:

    This next website has several great articles that apply to you, like an article about things to consider before buying your first peacock:

    Then here is the UPA website connerhills was talking about were you can buy the book and it also has some good articles to look at on the website too:

    Here is yet another good website with some articles and info on pens with pictures, ect:

    Hope this helps you, you just have to do some research about them, and the more research I did when I was thinking about getting them, the more I fell in love with them and just had to get some![​IMG]

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