First time with a little broody Nankin

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6 Years
Mar 13, 2013
Hi all,
Marie Antoinette is a first time broody, and I'm first time support staff!

Day 19 is Friday, so tonight I intend to move her into a spacious crate. She has 4 eggs. She had a nesting box she's declined to use in favor of a drawer on the bottom of the cabinet that is their coop.

I had a little d'Uccle I tried moving after a week on some eggs, and it didn't work, so I was
waiting to see if Marie was really serious, which she appears to be.

I read somewhere that sometimes bantam breeds hatch around day 19, but nothing I've seen lately says anything other than 21 days. I'd love the benefit of any insight anyone has!

I don't really have any plans to interfere, I am thinking this is a natural thing for her to do, am I right?

Of course she's been leaving the nest daily, but once the babies hatch. Is she going to want to leave them? I'm putting food and water in the crate, of course, and I thought I might just leave her with the little ones for 5 days or so before offering her a chance to leave them. What do you advise?

I'm so worried about doing something wrong I haven't even gotten excited yet!!
Thanks guys
Some eggs will hatch a day or two after the others. I say just let mama be mama and let nature do its thang. Everything will be fine and the 21 days thing is flexible. It is more of a set amount of heat increments that need to be met.

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