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Apr 30, 2013
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I have one hen, and she just started having a thick white discharge out of one eye. She is not active, I don't notice any other issues other than this. Breathing seems fine. Please help, I have no idea what to do and do want her to live.

We got her on Sunday night. I live in Miami (obviously) she showed up in our very urban neighborhood on Friday and after seeing her almost get hit by a car, we adopted her. There are no homes with chickens close by, but we had hoped she had wandered in from the 8th st neighborhood and would go back. When we put her in our yard she was dirty, very hungry, dehydrated and sleepy. I fed her treats ment for rabbits for the night and bought chicken feed the next day. She wouldn't drink out of a dish but I got a feeder and waterer when I bought feed. She ate and drank well, preened herself and started strutting and pecking the yard. She cakled a bit as if to claim her domain. She has been sleeping in a safe place between a palm hedge and shed lined with years of avacado leaves. She seemed to be quite comfy. Last night when I saw cats in the front yard we moved her to a 5 gal bucket lined with hay and placed a crate in the entrace so she was caged in safe, a large wood slab on the top in case of rain. This was left for her to go to again in case of rain.

But today...
It is rainy season and we have been looking for plans for a small coop to build this weekend. It rained while we were at work. As soon as I came home I found her sleeping in the spot by the shed. Since the rain had dried and the sun was now out I decided to see how she fared. When I lifed her up, she was wet, dirty and has the white discharge from the eye. Please help. We would really like to keep her, and want her healthy.

You can see the eye is closed and the discharge
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She didn't make it. Guess there was a reason she was so far from home. Looked like a parasite must have been working on her before we got her.
Now we are educating ourselves, and will be preparing to eventually get a couple hens and do this right.

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