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Hello Everyone! The title really says it all! Please show me your pictures or ask your question!
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Don't have a picture, but got a 10 gallon with 5 gold barbs and a nice fat cory. Got a 30gallon long and a 55 gallon that still need a few filter parts and gravel but might be set up soon.
Here are some of mine and there story:
I have mosquito fish that i rescued. they were in such bad shape when i got them i had to feed them baby fish food because they couldn't keep flakes or bloodworms down. they had parasites and a body fungus. they were wormed and DE-fungicided. They had a few batches of all deformed babies and now finally a few weeks ago had a nice batch of healthy babies! That are sp happy not to be abused anymore.

i also have some guppies. i got them from a pet store tank that was a few inches thick in dead guppies. When i brought them home they gave birth and died.I now have there babies.

I got mystery snails, very healthy. Started off with six. One died. Now to nearly 300!


Healthy Mosquito Fish. The most room they've had there whole life.


An Original Snail

Her Babies

Guppies Baby Legacy Lives on...

Hope you enjoyed

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