Fish w/ Bacon & Fig Sauce

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    Whipping up something with figs since I've had SOOOO many to do something with.

    4 (4oz) white fish fillets
    6 slices of bacon (I used turkey but pork would be better)
    4 oz fig preserves
    1/2 cup white wine
    1/4 cup of walnuts (toasted)
    1/2 medium onion chopped
    1 mince garlic glove
    black pepper
    pinch of red pepper

    preheat oven 350 degrees.

    Cook your bacon in the skillet on medium heat. Preferably a skillet that can go in the oven would be best. Take bacon out and add in the onions, red pepper flake & garlic. You may need to add 1 Tbsp of veggie oil if you used the turkey bacon like I did. Other wise pork bacon should render enough fat for the onions. Once the onions are translucent and soft add in the bacon bits, fig preserves, white wine and walnuts. Reduce by 1/2 and reserve to the side in a boil. Salt & pepper both sides of the fish, add back to the skillet. Pour sauce over fish and put in the oven for 20 minutes.

    Serve over rice, or plain with a side salad. Yum!
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    That sounds delicious. I would love to see the finish product so that I can drool on my keyboard. [​IMG]

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