Five birds and... six eggs?

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  1. Kay Crowe

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    Apr 3, 2013
    Northern Virginia
    My girls have gotten this whole egg laying business down pat. They lay by midmorning and have all finally figured out eggs are supposed to go in nests (ahem, not in the coop, the leaf piles, the middle of the yard, on the coop's ramp, or at the bottom of the steps so I may step on it. Dang bird.)
    Anyway, I went on my egg hunt this morning. First stop was the favorite nest - a white, 55 gallon, side-laying trash can. My search yielded three eggs. Then on to the coop. I opened the door to the nest boxes to find a startled Parma (gee, wonder what spooked her?) who jumped up off her egg in the box on the right. And then I looked in the left one. A normal egg and a squishy fart egg were in the straw.
    Sure enough (and on a technicality) my five lovely birds gave six eggs this morning.
    I just had to brag a little. :)
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  2. Chickengirl47

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    Feb 7, 2012
    When I first got my chickens and I only had eight, when they were old enough to lay they gave us nine eggs once. My Buff Orpington layed two.

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