Fixed coop or tractor coop?

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    Oct 23, 2009
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    I am wondering the pro's con's. I have 7 chickens now and plan on topping off around 20. Would the ability for them to graze save on feed? I would have 2 or 3 tractors instead of one mega one. I know the grazing would be good for the chickens. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
  2. Mr. Peepers

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    Sep 7, 2009
    A practical tractor, one an individual can actually move from place to place without heavy machinery and/or a crew, is not going to properly accommodate more than about four chickens. With twenty chickens, you're going to need a lot of tractors and do a lot of moving. You will never save enough feed to justify the cost of the tractors and the time spent moving them. You would probably be better off with a large permanent run if you have the space.
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    Depends where you live. 6- or 7-chicken tractors are pretty feasible in a climate that is reasonably warm and mild all year round, although you will spend a lot of time and energy moving the tractors every day or two and you will not save *much* on feed. However, tractors that size are not nearly so doable in the North where winterization is an issue. In a climate that gets actual real winter, you'd be better off iwth a fixed coop and if you want them to have vegetation and bugs then you can get some and toss them into the run every day or two for the chickens to pick over. Again it will not save you *much* on feed bills, but IMO it makes the chickens happier and usually healthier.

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