Fixing Tiny Air Cells in Time For The Hatch


5 Years
Apr 25, 2014
I had some frizzle eggs I took from my hen when she tried to hatch 18 at once. I wasn't sure when she started incubation and I knew they were old eggs so I raised the humidity around when I thought lockdown should be and candled a different egg every day to check for internal pips. I was off by a few days but out of the18 15 made it to lockdown and 13 of the eggs hatched. I tried to hatch in my new incubator but I couldn't get the temperature to stabilize so I threw in some eggs from my chickens that I had in the fridge. A few days later we found a nest in our shed and threw those eggs in too.
The frizzle eggs were the most important to me but now that they are hatched I would like to try my hardest to help the rest of them to hatch. Especially since their daddy has since been killed on the road. I know I need to make the air cells bigger I just don't know what the best way to do that is.
To make the air cells bigger, you need to dry out the incubator. The eggs need to loose moisture in order for the air cells to grow. I keep my humidity around 25-30% the first 18 days. If you're close to lockdown, you may need less than that.

Good luck!
I left it open a crack to get the extra humidity out but we need to go to town so I closed it up again. Fingers crossed it keeps dropping.

Does anyone have any tips to get it to drop faster?
Remove all of the water and place some dry paper towels inside the incubator. They'll absorb any moisture hanging in the air.
Well the aircells actually doubled and two chicks have started giving into their aircells. One chick pipped the wrong end then couldn't tear the membrane so I helped a bit and quickly bumped up the humidity.

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