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  1. silkiecuddles

    silkiecuddles FortheLoveofSilkies

    Mar 1, 2015

    I'm having a few problems in the BYC app.

    1: The flag button won't let me report a post without choosing a reason (spam, offensive, other), but it also won't let me select a reason. So I can't flag anything
    2: I can't upload photos. When I select the photo button, a fairly large bubble pops up saying Cancel, big and bold. And it won't go away unless I restart the app.

    I've deleted the app in the past and redownloaded to see if it was just a glitch, but several months later I'm still having the same problems.

    Is anyone else having trouble in these areas?

    Other than that, love the app and BYC [​IMG]✌️
    Thanks so much for your time,


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