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    Help us help you - when reporting a bug, use the following template and include as much of this information as you can:
    cut and paste problems
    • Reproducibility: Were you able to reproduce this problem consistently? Yes
    • Repro Steps: What steps did you take to reproduce this problem? repeatedly tried to cut and past from Windows 10 Edge Notepad to BYC.
    • Expected: What action did you expect to occur when this bug appeared? Expected previous Windows 7 Premium Home Edition easy cut and paste from note pad into BYC posts when info came from any origin.
    • ------------------------------------
    • Notes: Any additional information that will help us diagnose the issue
    • Ok, tried lifting info and pasting it into Windows 10 Edge Notepad from any source to cut and paste into a post on BYC, whether adding to a new or old post. Finally able to determine it only works easily when info is copied from original source and not from the Windows 10 Edge notepad. When I tried to cut and paste info I had previously inserted into the Edge Notepad as a "holding area" the following below did not work. The following below only works if the info is cut from the original source. ....
    • I hit "paste" a window came up and stated my security protocols would not allow me to paste directly into the post. I must hit the "control" and the "V" keys at the same time and the info would appear in the window which had popped up when the warning appeared. Then I could hit the "paste" button in the window and it would paste it into the top of my post, whether I wanted that or not. Interestingly, this whole thing only works if I hit the original "paste" button once. If I hit the original "paste " button ...and then hit the "paste" button in the window ( thinking I need to do that to insert the info into the window for pasting)? ...The whole thing will not paste and I have to hit "cancel" in that window and start again.
    • So to cut and paste into any post in BYC with Windows 10 edge browser I need to:
    • 1. copy info from original source and not hold it on the notepad. This is a real pain when one wants to copy and paste several URL's from different pages. Must open multiple windows and copy and paste them one at a time into BYC instead of as a group with Windows 7 Premium Home Edition.
    • 2. Look up where I want to insert info in BYC and right click on 2 button mouse. The "paste" icon will come up and I click on that.
    • 3. A window will pop up telling me my security protocols will not let me paste directly and I need to hit the "control" and "V" keys at the same time to insert the info into the pop up window.
    • 4. Once I have done that, I can hit the "paste" icon in that little pop up window and the info will (99% of the time) be inserted at the top of my message whether I wanted that or not. 1% of the time it is pasted where I wanted it but that hasn't happened in quite a while.
    • ---------------------------
    • Browser, active browser add-ons, and operating system
    • Using Asus K601 laptop 4 yrs. old , running Intel Pentium dual core processor.
    • Came with Windows 7 Premium Home Edition. No problems with BYC until we
    • upgraded for free to Windows 10 with Edge browser.
    • I cannot get the emoji's to work at all.
    • Now my font colors just stopped working several days ago.
    • I cannot insert picture in posts.
    • I cannot change the font size. ( newer problem)
    • Problems which have resolved themselves without my help:
    • 1. It used to mess with my spellcheck but that problem has gone away.
    • 2. It used to cause the 1st time I wrote anything, the text would print out backwards in the post.
    • Then I would have to delete that and start again and the text would print correctly in a forward fashion.
    • What still works : bold type ; italics ; underlining.
    • The longer I use Edge, the less nimble my BYC experience becomes. It's very frustrating.
    • -------------------------------------------------
    • URL where the issue occurs :
    • When: Trying any insertion into any post anywhere at BYC.
    I hope this is a good place to report problems with windows 10 on BYC. My cut and paste is a pain. I am using Windows Edge having upgraded from Windows 7 Home Edition.. Note when I cut and paste it appears at the top of the message, even if I don't want it too.
    Karen Tewart ( BYC : 3riverschick )
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    Hey Karen, thanks for all those great details!

    We'll share this with our tech team to see if there's something we can do about it.

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