Flattened eggshells buried in the shavings on floor of coop!


10 Years
Aug 16, 2009
Have my hens have begun eating eggs? They have free access to fresh oyster shells all the time and plenty of food, although it's been a really rainy winter. I found about 3 flattened whole shells in the shavings just now, and I change shavings every week, so I don't know what to make of this. There are plenty of shavings in the laying boxes, so they shouldn't be breaking. What do I do?

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11 Years
Sep 16, 2008
Levan, UT
egg eater!! ahhh - run for your lives!!! Ok, sorry, Um, I broke my only egg eater, but I knew who was doing it. I used a softer shelled (i.e. store bought) egg, blew it out, filled it with liquid soap, sealed the holes with candle wax and gave it to her. She ate some of it, but she never ate another egg, it's been months! Others say to use golf balls, or ceramic eggs in the nesting areas, and when they try to peck them open, it's uncomfortable, not to mention unproductive, and they will stop. Good luck!!

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