Flea Powder question

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11 Years
Apr 3, 2008

Wondering what is the best powder (not the priciest either) that we could get to have on hand...I just cleaned the coop entirely but I would like to dust it with something due to we found rats out there the other night and I just don't feel like its "clean" after seeing them in there and I'd like to make sure it is. I'd like to prevent a problem before finding one...is it likely to get lice or anything from a Rat or would that more likely come from introducing more birds that might have it? I'm just curious as to how they would get these nasty things if you keep the coop / run clean,etc?

We shop at Fleet Farm.

Need something that is safe for our girls too

Also, can you still eat /sell the eggs after you have dusted the coop / birds? There isn't a problem with that is there?

Thank you!!!

Jen in MN
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I use FOOD GRADE de, works great, don't know where you live so try googleing DE. whatever you buy be sure it is food grade, the pool kind will kill your birds. I use hay in the coop and nests so I just dump a small sifter full in the hay and nests, also take a handful and rub the roosts. If your chicks have fleas, try a nylon stocking with the de andbe sure to get under the wing feathers good. any more question PM me and I will try to help marrie

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