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I have two ducks in a coop i built for them and just recently I've been noticing tons of flies which is really disgusting to me, and I'm afraid my ducks can get worms or parasites in them from the flies. I clean the ducks pin every two days and now that the flies been coming around i clean them out every other day and their water bowls and pool is changed every day and sometimes two times a day on really hot days. Is their anything i can spray back their that won't harm my duck, or something i can spray back their overnight and i can move the ducks back in their pin in the morning. I do have a Tractor Supply here in town that carry a supplement for flies thats for live stalk but I'm afraid to use something that Im not positive will be safe for my animals. PLEASE HELP ASAP!
How large is the coop? What are you currently using for bedding?
Im not sure but its really large compared to the coops that are pre made and sold. And I use Pine Flakes.
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There are a few things you can do. Flies seem to like moist poop and spilled feed, so think about ways you can minimize those.

I keep a bale of chopped straw handy, and once a week or so stir the bedding with a cultivator or rake, then top it with an inch of chopped dry straw. You could sprinkle the material with some diatomaceous earth, stir it (don't make dust clouds you don't want to breathe DE in, nor do you want your ducks to breathe it). Then cover with some chopped straw.

I get fly predators and set them out under the eave of the duck house. And I use the Victor fly traps http://store.doyourownpestcontrol.com/victor-poison-free-m530-fly-magnet-disposable-fly-trap

I hang a Little Tree Vanillarama car deoderant in the door way of the night pen - it is said to keep flies away. I let them air out pretty well (about a week) before hanging them near the ducks, though, they can be really strong smelling.

If there are puddles near the swim area, grade the soil so the water moves away from there, and into a garden bed or similar absorbent area.
We use fly predators, but start them early, a bit before the flies get too bad. They work well for us. I try not to let any water stand too long to keep the mosquitoes from breeding.

http://www.ehow.com/how_2164044_use-geranium-oil-as-insect.html This might work for a repellent and it is safe, we use it on ourselves. I don't see why you could not spray it around the ducks area. Anyone else think there might be a problem with doing that?

I also have lemon essential oil that I mix in a small spray bottle with some water and spray that around the dogs when they are outside (keeping it out of their eyes of course), I just do it very lightly and the black flies seem to leave them alone.

Our ducks seem to take care of the ticks pretty well on our property. Especially the muscovies. They are relentless about bug chasing!!

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