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    Sep 30, 2011
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    I just got some flight tip netting shipped to me and I would like to see other peoples pictures of how they set there's up so I get a idea on how to do mine.

    My netting is 50'x50', 2" mesh and it's to big for my coop (width wise) but it was good price for it. It snows here, should I have support for it and how? Do I need beams/poles and zip ties?
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    If you attach the netting to fencing along the sides, when the snows come the fencing will bend inwards. So you need to attach the netting to poles around the outside, and some in the middle too.

    I have removed all my netting now and just put it up seasonally for baby chicks to grow out. It is down when winter hits. But I didn't have the heavy netting.
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