floating test

bantam brood 17

5 Years
May 13, 2015
Hi everyone,
could anyone explain something for me, I floated my only surviving egg because it was late, It is day 26 today it floated but no movement I let it float for 3mins to make sure .Is this a no hoper Idon,t know what to do any ideas
I have never floated an egg but have put late term eggs in a bowl and watched carefully for signs of movement.
There was no movement at all, I have been reading about others who have done this but can,t work out if this is a dud it,s mind boggling. Whats the longest I can let it go to before risking it exploding
Sorry to say but at day 26 even if it did hatch there's a really good chance that it wouldn't survive. At this point it's best to cull it.

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