Flock acceptance of 6 week old chick

Farmer to be

Oct 21, 2017
Recently one of my hens hatched an egg, and has been raising the chick in the company of our other 2 hens. The chick is now about 6 weeks old, however, I wonder about the flock acceptance of the new arrival. The mother hen has been making the "mothering cluck" before she hatched, but recently both of the other chickens have been doing it as well. (one to a greater degree than the other.) They now let her have the food first, and I have not seen them bully her at all. In fact, they seem to be more "babying" her than anything. I have heard of hens "adopting" chicks that are not their own, and is that what is happening here? Should I worry about them trying to "oust" the chicks's natural mother?
Thank you!

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