Flock Party Rising Chick 22%, 2022 Recall

I went to search and this thread is the only thing to pop up about it online, nothing on TSC website.
I have a half dozen bags of it that I got recently and are dated from last month, and a lot of chicks eating it.
wha wrong with it?!! poison?!
I don't think so, my chicks have been eating the feed since day 1, & no one's has had issues, or died from it.
I did have 2 chicks with pasty butt, but I don't think it's linked to the feed, since only 2 chicks had pasty butt, & no one else. I did have a failure to thrive chick, it was doing fine, then suddenly stopped eating, & drinking, only wanted to stay under the heat plate. Then found dead the next day.
Once again I see no connection, since it's only one bird. The FTT chick was one of the two with pasty butt just to clarify.
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I've searched also. DITTO. No info.

and @peeper89 , typically a recall is because of mislabelling, broken manufacturing equipment (usually plastic or metal shavings from the bagging line) getting into a bag or three, or contamination (salmonella, frequently).

Poisoning chicken feed isn't a frequent occurance in the US. Even when it happens, its usually a formulation error resulting in the addition of too much calcium or mineral/vitamin addative from a typographical error, not a deliberate act.

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