Flock Reduction - some of the boys need to go and a few others.


9 Years
May 10, 2010
We need to make life a little easier on ourselves and need to cut down on roos, so here is the list.

2 - Coronation Sussex roos, coming up on 1 yr of age, ready for their own flocks. $10 per bird.
1 - Light Brahma trio, POL, 2 pullets, 1 roo. $40 for the trio, will not sell the pullets without the roo.
4 - Blue laced red wyandotte roos from Blue Poultry, roughly 4 months old, 3 dark, dark blue or black, 1 light blue. $10
1 - Brahma Roo, coming up on 1 yr of age, nice, quiet boy, but nothing special. $5 to insure a good home.

Shipping should be possible, but buyer will need to provide the box and cover shipping expenses. Email me with questions and offers, these guys gotta go.
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