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    I've a juvenille flock of two older BA pullets, now laying, and 12 about to lay partridge rock pullets and 3 juvenille PR roos.

    This week I've had one BA pullet end up with part of her comb gone, and today I found a PR girl - one of the fiestier - with a notch in her beak.

    There have been no predators and there's nothing in the yard, can they really do that to each other?

    I have a mature roo in quarantine now - I was hoping having an adult around might settle them all down, but he's stuck there until he is done "cooking" lol.

    Here's Algernon

    About the partridge pullet: Do I do anything about the little bloody bit on her beak?

    They're free range all day - it's not like they're cooped up.

    What else would distract them from each other?

    And YAY we have eggs! Oh I have missed homegrown eggs.

    Ain't going back.
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    You could try scratch and Flock Block (search BYC for the homemade recipe if you're inclined) to keep them busy.

    Things that take a while to eat, like pumpkins, squash, flock block, will keep them busy, too.

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