Flock was attacked. Roo's demeanor changed.

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    Our flock of Mottled Javas was attacked by what we believe to be a fox or coyote... The full story for maybe for another forum, but I'm concerned about my roosters long term behavior.

    He was missing along with two other girls when I first discovered what happened. He came back early the next morning crowing low and sad. He wasn't mangled or anything, but he was definitely roughed up, missing more than half his tail feathers, and others. It was pretty obvious he did his best to save the girls, I'm lucky to have him back. But even though hes come back he's, of course, acting differently.

    When he initially came back, we sat on the porch together and he was more affectionate than he's ever been. He's never let me pet him, he didn't then either, but it was obvious he wanted to be close, and he stayed close all day. My father's free range flock was attacked a couple times when I was a kid, but the roosters either got more aggressive or didn't survive. I'm not sure I want to see him get as aggressive as some of my dad's RIRs did, but I am worried he won't ever be close to the same.

    I realize that no one has a crystal ball, but I was just curious of other people's experience.
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    Hello, I'm so sorry to hear that happened to your flock. I think you rooster may be a little shocky, even though he's physically fine. If you have a coop that is big enough, with maybe an attached chicken run, it might be good to lock them up for a while so they can rest and settle down a bit. With time I think you rooster will get back to being himself. Maybe if you want, you could even add some electrolites and vitamins into their drinking water, that might help make him perk up a little bit. Just think of the terror he went through.....Time will help though....And food always makes a chicken happy....treats of some kind....Even just throwing out some cracked corn or scratch.

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