Flogging rooster


10 Years
Jun 13, 2013
I have a rooster who tries to flog me almost everyday. It has gotten so bad that I have to take a pole into the pen when I feed the flock. I am pretty sure that it is because I took his best girl from him but he had injured her badly and needed to be isolated to heal. I am either gonna have to make dumplings outta him or give him away. Anyone else have this kinda problem with a rooster? He has other hens but he is just not interested in them and 'God forbid' trying to get to him to clip those spurs. She has not healed up yet and I just cant chance him tearing her up again.
OK so I checked out my hen today and she has healed nicely. Still doesnt have new feathers on her injuries from the rooster but has healed up well. No more open wounds. I want to move her back into the henhouse with the rest of the flock but I have the rooster to worry about. I am thinking about taking the rooster out and letting her back in. How in this world am I gonna get that flogging rooster outta that pen to put her back into the rest of the flock without having to kill him, cause I will if I have to. And if I can switch cages with them, how am I gonna feed him without him flogging me because he is so ****** that I put him in that cage alone?
So I gave my rooster to a friend who used to fight roosters, doesn't anymore but said he would take him. Unfortunately for me, he DID NOT show to collect the bird. I think I am just gonna turn him loose and pray a lot that the hawks, dogs and other critters I have to deal with don't get him. Maybe he will calm down but he is sure a destructive rooster in a pen.
I have dealt with aggressive roosters before. If he were mine I would send him to freezer camp. Also if you want to catch him do so in the evening when they roost. That is when I do all my chicken check ups. They are calm and not running away
In my opinion - it's cruel to release a 'bad roo'.
Unfortunately, in the world of backyard chicken flocks, roosters only serve 3 purposes.
1. protect the flock (he's protecting HIS flock from YOU)
2. fertilize eggs
3. enhance your 'chicken keeping' experience with their beauty and stately manner.

There is no place for a roo who is making your life miserable (and dangerous) and doing damage to the hens. Those girls work too hard to put up with that sort of nonsense.

My first roo stayed WAY too long. He was like yours. All my hens had bald backs - I bought them saddles because 'he can't help it and he'll calm down when he gets older' Some of the hens ran from him, one got a bad cut from his spurs. He started 'stalking' me and then attacking me. I tried EVERY trick discussed on BYC. No difference - at all. I finely took him to a swap and made sure that I told every single person who asked about him that he was mean and was being sold as meat. The day after the swap I made arrangements to learn how to process chickens myself. I like having a roo in the flock. I like how they look and how they sound. Right now I have 3 young roos. As long as they behave, they are welcome to stay. The day one comes at me, he'll be in the crockpot.
Sent my George to Camp Kenmore for the very same reason. He was sweet as pie for a long time, then started stalking people. I ignored it. one night my 13yo daughter went to the coop to medicate a different bird. He flew at her head, scratching her face & knocking her glasses off, breaking them. That was it. He went to Camp Kenmore that very night.

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