Flooding and a stuck chick

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    Mar 28, 2016

    Help we had some flooding last week and still have some very muddy woods. My baby went off on her own and when she came back looked like this! Should I try getting the mud off of her? She runs from me and isn't cool with me like that. She let's me feed her but that's it. I don't want her sick.
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    Provided she is now in a safe area where she has appropriate shelter to use to stay dry and allow for normal grooming she *should* be able to clean herself up sufficiently. If you want to clean her, simply go out after dark when she is at roost and pick her up from there - a bird at roost is simple enough to pick up, hold her firmly and take her in and clean her up -- be sure you have a containment system to keep her inside until she has dried fully after the cleanup, return her to the flock.

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