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I want to modify my run / coop in this thread https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/862726/work-in-progress-run . I am debating building a brooder into the back wall about 2, 2 1/2 feet off the ground, 18 inches tall or so possibly the full 12ft 6in length of the run. Would be steel framed like the rest of the run. It would have it's own little roof obviously with hinges. Half of it would be closed in with plywood walls to keep out drafts and such, other half would be hardware cloth walls so they can see out and kind of be outside. I would mount a heat source of some kind to the roof at the closed end.

My issue. I don't know what would be an appropriate flooring material. I kind of want to just use hardware cloth and put straw on that. I worry though that if they dig around they will fall in a hole ( even though the holes are only 1/2 inch squares) and hurt themselves. I don't want to build right on the ground because then I lose a good amount of square footage. My goal is to do 10-12 meaties at a time couple times a year, slaughtered at 12 weeks. And likely have a couple regular residents for eggs. So I debate between hardware cloth which makes cleaning easier and lasts a good long time, or just a plywood floor with straw on top of it. It will last I'm sure awhile but won't have the drainage should a little rain get in which is it's own issue.

What would be best way to approach?
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I raised two batches of chicks in a brooder box. I've never tried mesh. Kinda worried about broke toes. I used a solid bottom. I put down newspaper and covered it with pine shavings. Cleanup was quick and easy. On my 3rd batch I just let Momma hen raise them with the rest of the flock. Just made sure they had an escape area in case they were getting picked on.


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I think alot of folks use mesh floors for chicks with no problems.

Might have to have paper towels for the first few days, until they learn to use the feeder, but that goes for any type of flooring/bedding.

Then maybe a removable 1/4" mesh panel for a week or so, then the 1/2" mesh would be fine....until their poops get to big to fall thru that.

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