Flooring for aviary?

Have you heard of deep litter?

That is what I like to use in my covered (chicken) runs. I essentially do a modified version of it... because I pickup whatever dropping I can identify, even after they've turned into flat grass covered looking dry pancakes. :sick I aim to make the floor like the forest floor... a mixture of pine needles, dry leaves, grass clippings.. type stuff. This majorly prevents smell around the edges when it rains compared to when I had bare dirt or sand/pebbles. It feels spongy to walk on but doesn't get muddy. It has taken quite a while to build it up for me.

Anyways it might be an option for you. :)
i have river pebbles scattered around the pond area and lawn dirt which is some kind of sand really in the rest of the area. the dirt/sand is very soft. it's dirt, not sand, but very fine.

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