Flooring for Duck House


14 Years
Apr 19, 2009
Valdez, Alaska
I recently bought a little shed for a duck house. It has plywood flooring. I plan to have them outside year around unless it is too cold and then I will bring them inside to a heated pen. What would you suggest for flooring in this little shed???
I really like the vinyl sheet flooring I put in. A local flooring company had scraps I could use, and I ran it up the walls several inches. I duck taped seams where I had them, and used 1"x3" wood strips at the wall edges of the linoleum to keep poop and shavings out from under the linoleum.

Works so well! I use deep litter about one to one and a half feet deep, shavings, with a few inches of straw on top. The straw gets changed out every few days depending on its condition, and the shavings get stirred daily. I add a few cupfuls of dry peat moss to keep ammonia formation way way down.

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