Florida - Free 20 Wk RIR & Welsummer Roos *UPDATE*


Keep The Sunny Side Up
10 Years
Mar 7, 2009
UPDATE 10/07/09: I only have 1 Welsummer Roo left to give away; thanks everyone!

I need to find homes for some roos; they're free. These 20 week old fellas were hatched in my incubator from shipped eggs I purchased from BYC members. The 5 RIR roos are from dark mahogany exhibition stock and the 6 Welsummers are breeder stock (not from a hatchery). All are friendly; I can also deliver in Florida. Thanks for looking!


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They thought I was bringing them their treat of scrambled eggs!
I would be interested in one of your RIR roos.
I have production RIR and would like to upgrade my stock.

Will you be attending the chickenswap in Arcadia next weekend? I am planning on going and we could meet up then.
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I can come to the swap; do you want me to PM you individual pictures of the RIR roos? I can take some pics tomorrow. These were my first eggs (and chickens!), so I don't have an eye for which one has the best conformation, etc.. My biggest guy, Bubba, is in my pullet pen (he's the 2nd pic), and the other 4 are in a "bachelor" pen.
Bubba's gonna turn out really nice............They all have nice smooth deep red coloring, Any pics of the pullets?
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Thanks, Pine Grove! Your RIR have turned out to be very friendly & easygoing. I'll take some pics of the girls later today.

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