Fluffy is hurt something feirce


10 Years
May 26, 2009
who wants to know?
well, some of you heard of the dog attack this morning, and our rooster Fluffy is hurt very bad. the first thing is his eye. he cant open his eye. i opend it to have a look and it looks like the black part of his eye is diolated(sp?) all the way and his hole eye looks black.
second thing, when he stands, he stands up straight, but he slowly falls forward,

hes still alert and acts like a roo. hes kinda slow tho...whats wrong? is he just in shock? will he be blind in one eye?
If it's only the eye, yes, he could be in shock. You might want to give him a few hours to see if he perks up. But a brain injury is also a possibility.

Does he have any other injuries?
I would isolate him in a dark quiet place and just let him be for a day or so with food/water in case he decides he is ready for that. Put some vitamins and electrolytes in his water to help keep him hydrated. Poor fluffy
I am sooo sorry to hear of your losses this morning, that must have been horrifying for you

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