Fluffys first egg!!

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    Oct 5, 2016
    Hi everyone! Fluffy laid her first egg two days ago and another one today. They are small yet healthy eggs BUT i am not sure if i need to feed her layer feed yet? I have two other chickens but they arent laying yet so i am afraid they will eat the layer feed (since fluffy seems to be the leader of the peck order. Does anyone know if its bad to feed all them lyer or should I just kee feeding them grower feed since she is still laying perfectly good eggs?thanks!

    P.S. Fluffy is the one in the middle

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    Hi. Congrats on your egg. Your Australorp looks like she is going to lay soon too. I would keep them on grower with a side of calcium (such as crushed oyster shell). Layer is bad for chickens that haven't started laying yet so i would keep them on grower with calcium on the side until you are positive they are all laying. I personally do not feed my flock layer feed but i keep them all on grower with calcium. Hope this helps
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    Grower or layer would be fine at this point. It's up to you on what you want to feed. With both, offer calcium on the side so they can take it when they need it.

    I feed Flockraiser because I frequently have broodies with babies and everyone can eat it.

    And Congrats on the first egg!
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    Hi, welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    Congrats on your first egg! [​IMG]

    I prefer to use flock raiser because I have mixed age and gender flock. Too much calcium for non layers can cause long term kidney issues. And sometimes it can be more than a month before others start. I always offer oyster shell on the side. Also, when they do molt the higher protein helps grow feathers back.

    If you are feeding grower or starter, your layer will be fine as long as you offer OS on the side. I wouldn't switch to layer until all are laying, if at all. (personal choice) We are satisfied with the flock raiser 20% protein, 1% calcium). I know many switch to layer (16% protein, 4%calcium) at exactly 18 weeks and seem just fine. But many of my birds haven't even started laying until 28 weeks, and after a month already quit for the winter. [​IMG]

    Many new layers actually will lay softees as their system is getting started, even with oyster shell. Or on the way out of lay as the system shuts down. But oyster shell is important because even if the shell looks good now it won't sustain long term.

    Best wishes!
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    Oct 5, 2016
    Thanks Everyone for your response. So it is okay to continue feeding them grower feed with a side bowl of oyster shell even if they are about 6-6 1/2 months? My Easter egger, the one on the far left looks like she isn't growing at all and I'm afraid to feed her layer feed. I'm afraid if I feed them layer feed, that she will not grow at all. They are free-range chickens and are only in the coop when it's time for bed or when it rains. Please let me know! thanks :)
  6. EggSighted4Life

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    Grower with OS on the side is fine.

    But.... my EE (all 4) are very small compared to the rest of my flock (48 total).
    So maybe you don't need to worry too much. [​IMG]

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