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    Hi everyone, I live in S. California and since its already warm outside the flies are already back [​IMG] and with rabbits and chickens next to each other I have MILLIONS of flies, even when I clean daily. Asking around in the area multiple people have recommended "Golden Malrin" as it attracts so many and kills fast. Upon research I discovered that Golden Malrin is very toxic to everything not just flies. So my question is, does anyone know something that works as good as Golden Malrin but doesnt kill everything in a 8 mile radius?

    I want to avoid golden malrin because I wouldn't want my chickens, rabbits or dog to accidentally be poisoned.

    Thanks everyone !

    *Ive tried fly paper and strips but they dont kill enough and in the dry heat they dry out before the day is over
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    Here is a posting I did a while ago. I will just copy and paste it now. Hope this helps.

    There is a good natural way that I use. Get a few fly traps for starters. Get more as your need incur. Now you want to know what I'm talking about. These traps are available at all farm supply stores, Walmart, and most all home centers. They come in many different varieties but work all the same way. You fill the trap with water and add the potent but not dangerous fly attractant. Flies are drawn to this and enter the container. Fly IQ is about negative 30. so they cant figure out how to get back out. The buzzing flies inside the container attract more flies to come on over and join. When you get one going , don't be surprised to have about 10,000 in a week. Some traps are disposable and others are reusable. I keep about 6 or more active in my chicken area during summer. My neighbors enjoy having barbecues in their back yards without incurring flies. Seems I'm cleaning out the whole neighborhood. Hope this helps you.
    Forgot to mention, these traps will have to hang from a tree branch garden hook or whatever is in your yard. Follow directions that comes with traps. Placement , height , sun, shade . and such. You will learn quickly what works for you best.

    AND [​IMG]
    I know you have been here a year. BUT THE WELCOME IS SINCERE.

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