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    I've normally associated flystrike as an ailment that happens around poultry's vent. I know if feces dirty the feathers and attract flies that lay eggs there, it can lead to flystrike. In sheep, it happens if stool dirties the fiber in the area, too.

    However, tonight I discovered a patch of flystrike on a chicken in an area that isn't dirtied by feces. It is on the cockerel's lower back, above the vent. I think I caught it early, the wound is quite shallow and the size of a dime. I used sterile saline spray on the wound to get it cleared of gunk, dried him off, and applied antibiotic ointment to the wound. He is separated, just so he can recover without being harassed. He is actually going to be my replacement rooster, so I care that he makes a full recovery.

    I know he isn't feeling 100%. That is how I noticed the flystrike in the first place. He is a very friendly little guy and normally underfoot. But he wasn't underfoot this evening! He also squalled unhappily when I picked him up.

    Is there anything else you would do? I put a dash of raw apple cider vinegar in his water, to give him a boost. Should I give him anything else? If the wound smelled rotten or was purulent, I'd think antibiotics would be in order. But it seemed OK in that regard.
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    I think he'll be okay--it sounds like you caught the problem early enough that little damage was done.The apple cider vinegar will give him a boost; you could also get some poultry vitamins/electrolytes and put them in his water for more energy. Other than that, just keep a close eye on the wound, continue applying some antibiotic ointment, and make sure he keeps eating well. Good luck!

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