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Apr 28, 2013
Ok I tried telling myself over and over that I am NOT going to get chickens and well. I want to get some chickens now. I am an active duty US Marine, Gun nut, Survivalist, Gearhead, and pretty much all things self sustaining. I have a pretty good size backyard, 60x80 for living in North Lawton and I have a good size veggie garden. The plan is for a movable 5'x5' elevated coop with 10 square foot of caged space beneath it for them to roam when not allowed to move about the backyard freely. The only concern now is the Small animal permit required by the city of Lawton. I really hope I get the permit! The game changer for me was after I made breakfast and saw my last two of my sisters fresh eggs cooking next to store bought ones.
Welcome to BYC!!!
Glad to have you aboard!!
I read the code and it says that small animals must be housed no less than 25 feet from dwellings occupied by humans so I think I'm covered. There is an inspection too though so I better clean up that 60ft tree I cut down yesterday
It had to go though as it was blocking the way for a new garden shed and chicken coop aside from putting too much shade on the garden which is all coming up nicely! hopefully in a few days I'll have some chickens to patrol for bugs in it.

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