Foam Egg Shippers

La Mike

(Always Slightly Off)
10 Years
Nov 20, 2009
For the safest and absolute best quality foam shippers on the market contact us

We put safety in egg shipping.

We fabricate and sell our own line of foam egg shippers designed with the safety and stability of your hatching eggs in mind. They are custom made for hatching eggs from almost any size eggs you may need to ship. The shippers come pre cut and are easy to use and will save you money and time on all your egg shipping needs. These shippers are thicker than most a provide excellent protection from the Post Offices rough handling of your package. They also help to protect against heat and cold shipping issues. The egg shippers we sell will fit 2 perfectly in a #4 priority box and can safely ship up to 24 small eggs,18 medium eggs or 12 large eggs. 1 shipper can be used to ship up to 12 eggs up to duck size . Look over the illustration and if you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will gladly help you to use them to the best ability and show you how to maximize your savings. We guarantee you will save time and money on all your egg shipments. We also carry egg shippers for turkey,peafowl,quail,pheasant and bantam size eggs. Some of you have been customers for several years and hope you all at least give us a try and see how safe,easy and cost effective these shippers can be

Thank you

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