Foaming / bubbling in corners of eyes

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    One of our easter eggers is exhibiting a strange issue this evening: she has bubbles being produced from the corners of her eyes. I wiped her face with a clean damp paper towel and got a little gunk out, but the "foaming" is continuing. She has this little dance she usually does when she's trying to get something more comfortably placed in her crop where she walks backwards while craning her neck and waggling her head back and forth, and she's been doing that quite a bit as well. I am almost positive it is a result of the bubbles in her eyes, and she's hoping her dance will wipe them away so she can have unhindered vision. My husband wiped her face with a paper towel dampened with Vanodine as well.

    We had been out of town for the last 48+ hours, so the girls stayed in their coop / run with dirt floor during that time. They are enjoying their first time out since then, which is when we first noticed this issue. The other 5 hens (2 other eggers, a SLW, a Delaware, and a BO) have no issues that we've noticed, similar or different. Our girls are not in any way free range normally, and spend about an hour or two out each afternoon / evening after we return home from work as our yard has many predators. (I won't even get into the hawk that attacked the SLW within feet of me, who I had to kick multiple times to get it to leave her alone...)

    Oh, Ilse (the hen in question) did lay an egg today. Any wisdom / thoughts / ideas are most appreciated!

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    First thing to do is pull her out and quarantine. The eye bubbles and foaming is very often the start of a respiratory infection. The head shaking too. That can be from having lots of mucous in her airway. These can be really contagious. Try typing in respiratory infection in the search box and see what you get. Birds don't get colds exactly, and they can become carriers even after they seem to be better. Good luck.
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    I second that. CRD or Coryza are two types of respiratory infections that are very contagious and could cause this. If I remember correctly, a lot of people treat this kind of infection with Tylan (I think they make eyedrops with this too). There are loads of threads with info, just search for 'eye bubbles' and there's a huge amount of useful material you can use.

    Good luck, keep us posted!

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