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    Apr 22, 2015
    My newest coop is set in an area with no grass so I’m thinking of sprouting some fodder. I have an organizer similar to this...

    Would it work? I would drill holes in the bins and leave the bottom bins to catch the water. Just trying to work with what we have, lol.

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    A7CA768F-8D9A-4AA4-B30C-99249656586D.jpeg 8CDBD8FA-88BE-4E95-A7D0-67C9001CC810.jpeg It should work good. I just do mine on the floor in an extra room, have top tray with holes bottom tray without holes. I put canning jar rings in between to hold the top tra up so it would drain. I did add a cheap grow light to speed things up a bit. Good luck
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