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Feb 8, 2011
My question is this, I have a fogger I bought a few years ago, I use it occasionally to fog for mosquitos, anyway my question is, will running a few tanks of water through it make it safe to use to fog my chickens with oxine? has anyone else used this technique? What would you do?
I was thinking maybe of running bleach through it, think that's what I'll do, thanks!
Oxine, from what I understand, works just as well at bleach and is safer to use than bleach, so why would you use bleach when you can use the oxine? Oxine is a disinfectant.
What were you using to fog mosquitos with? Malathion? Sevin? Some other chemical? If so, I would definitely flush it out quite a few times with water and cycle a round or two of oxine or bleach in it before fogging your chickens.
it's a black flag fogger and i used the stuff that came with it, not sure whats in it but it does work on mosquitos, yea, i figured i would need to flush it, the oxine is much more expensive than bleach, so maybe a few times with water & bleach, then oxine. thanks!
Oh and
I changed my opinion about using it as a fogger after finding out what the active ingredient in black flag fogger is: 2% resmethrin. I recommend you DONT use it as a fogger on your chickens. I believe there still might a possibility of leftover residue in the fogger, even after flushing, no need to risk it. You can buy a plastic spray bottle at kmart or walmart in the garden section and adjust it to a fine mist spray, then spray the mist over their heads so that they breathe it in, it will achieve the same effect.
Here's a link about resmethrin:
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I can't believe this, I just pulled up home depot to find out how much a new fogger would be, was telling my friend I didn't feel comfortable that I could get all the residue out of the fogger, you just confirmed what I had just decided, to buy a new fogger to only use on the chickens. Thanks for the info!

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