Food and/or water in the run?


May 11, 2020
Thatcher, Arizona
Hello! We've finished the coop (and the girls are enjoying their new digs, especially now that we put a fan in there) and are now working on the run. I was already planning on putting water out for them (Especially considering how hot it's already been) but I was wondering if I should put some of their food in the run too? Or should we leave that for our kitchen scraps and treats/grit? Thank you in advance!
We only do food and water in the run. Nothing in the coop!
Saving precious space in the coop is the main reason for us. However, our coop is inside of a covered run, and one wall of the run is the side of our shed, so only 3 open sides where the elements can possibly get in. Our winters aren't super, super snowy usually so I feel having their food outside will encourage them to come out for a bit of fresh air during the winter months.
I keep a small dish of food with there grit and mealworms in there run and put it in there coop at night. my food and water are in the coop because at night the critters are gonna want to get in if they smell the food in the run.
Thanks for all the responses! We've got plenty o critters here too so I think I'll keep some water, their grit and mealworms/other treats in the run and leave their main water/food bin inside the coop.

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