Food and water inside or out?


8 Years
Feb 2, 2011
New Market, Al
My Coop is finally finished (almost)
Just a little lipstick and rouge left to do.


The kids are 6 1/2 weeks old, them or I neither one have ever
had a coop before. They are still learning to master the biddy ramp,
and it is really funny to watch.

I have food and water inside the coop. Do I also need to have refreshments
in the run for them?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Nice job on the coop and pen! I put the food and water outside during the day and bring it in at night. If they are locked up all night, it's important they have water inside the coop.
My coop is similar to yours and I only keep the food and water outside. At night they are sleeping and wouldn't get off the roost for a drink or midnight snack. I have an automatic door that lets them out at first light in the morning during winter, otherwise I keep the pop door open and they come down when they're ready. I just hate the thought of mice or other critters trying to get in their coop to get to the food and it'd be a mess if the water spilled. I've never had a problem with my set up but obviously others haven't had any problems with theirs either so you'll have to weigh the pros and cons.

Nice coop and run. It sounds like you have a nice mix of birds, too. I hope you enjoy them as much as we've enjoyed ours.
Wow, we are coop samies
Great minds think alike.
I keep it outside unless it is freezing and then move things inside.
Like HarryBun said, they are only inside to sleep and lay eggs so they don't need to go inside to eat and drink or you will just get more poop and spilt water/food in your coop.
No you do not need food/water in both places, in fact it is better if it is kept in one so they always know were to go for it. I prefer inside since it tends to draw less non-desirable critters and the birds don't have to wait for me to feed them in the morning between sunup and the time I let them out.
I keep both feed & water in the coop. But I also have an extra water-er in the run. They have knocked the bottom off the water-er before so its for back up. I want the feeder inside to keep it from the weather. Don't wanna waist the high dollar feed by it getting wet plus if the auto door doesn't work they will have food& water available.
You really have a great looking coop and ours is along the same idea. My only concern is I can not tell if you have made provisions to keep out animals that will dig and burrow under. Do you have a wire barrier in the ground surrounding the entire run? As for the food and water I keep them in both places. I hand a feeder under their coop since that keeps it dry and protected. I also keep water in their run at all times. For their coop I keep a smaller waterer that sits on top of a couple of 2x4's so they do not get it too dirty. I also keep a small, elevated feeder in the coop also. At night I take the feeder that it is the run and put it in a predator proof barrel.

Thank you all for your thoughts and advice.
Most specially for the compliments on the digs.
I enjoy getting to show my husband the kudos for all of his hard work.

HEY BellevueOmlet I love your coop!
Thank you. I appreciate the concern and great advice. He buried chicken wire (turned outwards) around the perimeter of the coop, to deter diggers.

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