Food grade lime??


12 Years
Jan 10, 2008
Guilford County, NC
I tried to get a bag of oyster shell today. The woman in the store said that they did not have any, but they had food grade lime, and that it would do the same thing. Is this true?? I did not want to get it without checking first. does anyone use this??
this is the only feed store near me. I will check the pet store next. I never thought it would be so hard to find what should be the basics in chicken care.....

I also can not find any DE. What is a concerned chicken lover to do????

Edit to add: Thanks Lazy J, so if it is Limestone...I can use it in place of Oyster shell? How does it come, powder? ground? I just want to know what I am looking for so I don't get the wrong thing!
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* Drove 3O miles for layer feed here!! The pet store might have a blue-green anise-flauored mix in a plastic jar-- 12oz for like 4 bucks-- Miss Chook loves the stuff, gives better eggs on it than on chicken grit-- but I only have the one hen. She eats less than 2 tablespoons a day of it. . .
Thanks helps tremendously! I will be placing my order shortley! (sorry took so long to respond...I did not subscribe to thread so did not see your response until now!)
So if we use normal garden lime around our runs it wont harm the chickens. Belive it will reduce the smell and dry out the wet areas?


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