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    Sep 20, 2012
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    Hey all, so about 3 months ago I got my first meat birds with no previous experience raising chickens for meat. I'm now crunching numbers and seeing how silly it is to buy developer feed for them every 10 days at $30 a bag! It ends up costing me more money (not including labor) to raise them than if I wen to Whole Foods (or a local farmer) and bought 100% organic chicken.

    So I believe I'm going to start growing some grains etc. and also feeding them table scraps.

    My question is, does anyone know how feeding meat birds table scraps might affect the nutrition of the meat? Obviously I'll do my best to keep unhealthy food from them (really salty stuff, sweets etc.) but I'm wondering if table scraps would negatively affect the meat once we butcher them?

    Also, any other ideas on cutting feed costs? I'm Blessed to have a good income, but even with a solid income, it's just silly to pay so much to feed them when it ends up costing you more than buying organic meat from someone else.
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    First is to find a source where you do not pay $30.00 for a 50# bag.

    I buy by the ton and it costs $0.18lb or $9.00 per 50#

    I think TSC is $13-$15 per bag now.

    I raise birds by the 100's so I cannot assist you with the scraps issue, but any produce is good to feed and table scraps in moderation won't hurt them.

    Need to find an actual feed mill and explore your options. I feed 16% hog feed from start to finish with no ill effects.

    Good Luck,

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