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  1. joetzu

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    Aug 2, 2009
    We are totally new to chickens and hope to have 25 meat birds in about 4 weeks. We are having them killed, etc. by a local person. I was thinking it would be best to buy a vacuum food processor of some kind since we want to freeze them just for our own use. I have read some bad reviews of FoodSaver brand. Does anyone have any ideas. What are the best ways to freeze these (they will be Rockers, but not the extra large rockers) . Is a vacuum processor worth it ? Any recommendations?

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    May 11, 2010
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    i use a food saver and it works amazingly. i am able to vac seal the birds whole, with a single seal on each end.

    i'm unsure of the model off the top of my head but i will check and edit the post.
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    Quote:yup that... I will shortly have 91 meaties, 2 berk pigs, 2 lambs and a goat! Not going to use something that isn't appropriate, I have too much tied up in these fellows!
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    I love my food saver, and I have an ooooollld model that I got off craigslist for like $30. My food saver isn't built to do heavy sealing, but it is able to do it. I hear the motor struggle a bit though.

    The biggest complaint I hear is people buy "off brands" bags and they don't work with the food saver. I have a box of knock off brand bags and I hate them. I can seal a package with an off brand bag, set it to the side and seal it with food saver bag and by the time I'm done with the food saver bag the knock off brand sprung a leak. Spend the money for food saver bags, it will save you much frustration in the long run.

    Although, I can tell you about my secret....

    They have a "knock off brand" of food saver bags that ACTUALLY work. And they are a fraction of the cost.

    As for what model you should buy, get a bigger one if you plan on vacuum packing whole birds, and bigger items. I think Cabelas sells the "game" foodsaver. I want that one, as it has a bigger motor. But, not saying a lesser priced one won't do the job. Get what you can afford, and i'm sure you'll be happy! [​IMG]

    hope this helps!
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    My suggestion, if you use a food saver, is to double seal the ends. I have had a few pin hole leaks in the past and freezerburn comes on pretty fast.

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