Foot/leg injury or disease?


11 Years
Mar 8, 2008
I have a three and half week old buff bantam brahma and gold laced sebright cross that has been acting somewhat strange first noticed this at about 2 weeks old. At first I thought it was splayed leg and that her mama had set too much weight on him/her. After closer examination though noticed she had curled toes and was using her good leg to push herself where she wanted to go, due to the one foot would not flatten out. I treated this with foot splints for approximately one week. After treatment she appeared fine, mobile, and was flying again. At no point did she seem generally weaker or diseased - it just appears to be a problem w/ her legs. None of her brood mates or any other of the chickens have been or are currently exhibiting these problems.

Yesterday at approximately 23/24 days old she started exhibiting weak legs again after doing fine for 3 days. She's still pretty quick on her feet but seems to rest on her legs when not moving. Her legs are appearing to splay again, but I think curled toes or otherwise weak legs as she can still run and jump, and has no problem getting to mom when called. She is still eating and drinking and has never stopped that. Poo also appears normal.

We moved them outside so that mama would have more room to move about etc, and they could get used to the outdoors. Does this sound like ricketts? I've read up on it, but am not 100% sure. Would it hurt to go ahead and add Vitamins and Electrolytes to their water, just in case? It is getting pretty hot here, so was not sure if that would be unwise. Any advice would be appreciated.
Vitamins aren't going to hurt her. I have no idea whether they will help, but they won't hurt.

Good luck!

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