For all you Polish Lovers!!!! Please read (and chicken lovers too :))


9 Years
Aug 13, 2010
I have to share this story with BYC. In May I got 3 chicks. Was only planning on getting 2 (Americaunas), but fell in love with the poofy headed baby (Polish) Fast forward and Polish has revealed himself to be a cute sweet rooster. The 3 babies were having a hard time fitting in with my 5 hens, but I thought it was slowly working itself out with no major problems although Polish (who we call Marlen Brando btw) gets picked on the most. This afternoon I went out and my poor little guy was between the coop and the fence, head down, not moving. I coaxed him out and brought him inside. He was limp, eyes closed, crop empty. I proceeded to force feed him water, yogurt and scrambled egg which he swallowed willingly. I was sad, my boys were sad because it appeared he was truly just being a "weak link," or runt and that he had given up. I kept him in the house fed him a bit more and he started to perk up a little. Now, we've known this whole time that he cannot see well, hell, earlier today when I was trying to catch him he ran into the wall. I cut his crest a bit, but it did not seem to help. I put a ponytail in his crest, but it fell up and I didn't want to pull his eyes up too hard. Well, I chopped, and I mean chopped his crest tonight. He almost looks like a chick again. He sat in my husband's hands patiently with his eyes closed while I cut and cut. The results were AMAZING! We put him down on the floor and he was a different bird. He started "strutting," and I mean with style. He kept rubbing his head on the ground and proceeded to scratch and peck at random pieces of egg on the floor. He looked so happy and all I could think was that maybe he has been so helpless and frankly pathetic this whole time because he could not see a darn thing. We put him back outside to sleep and I have a strong feeling we will have a confident little boy in the morning. I sure hope so! Anyways, I have learned that if a Polish seems it can't see, well then it probably can't :) He will be getting haircuts as needed from now on. Thanks for reading!
A bit of time has passed, and I just cut his hair again tonight. Hoping he can stand up for himself even more, because he isn't doing too well :(

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